Upcoming meetings

2020 EMBO Workshop 2020, Designing Functional Biomolecular Assemblies: Beyond Biology (Bled, Slovenia)

2020 FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Protein Folding, Aggregation and Compartmentalization (Spetses, Greece)

2020 Biophysics at Dawn of Exascale Computers (Hamburg)

2020 Tällberg meeting on Macromolecule Structure and Function (Sweden) 

2020 Cellular mechanisms driven by phase separation (Heidelberg)

2020 Small proteins in Prokaryotes, an Unexplored World (Hamburg)


Past meetings

2020 Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function (Lorne Australia)

2019 IDP: from physical chemistry to pathogenic mechanisms – Como

2019 ISTCP Congress – Tromso

2019 NMR: a tool for biology (Paris)

2018 IDP GRC (Les Diablerets)

2018 Recent advances in protein evolution (Uppsala)

2018 Prague Protein Spring

2017 Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Forms, Functions and Disease

2017 CECAM Disordered protein segments: revisiting the structure-function paradigm

2017 FEBS (session chair)

2017 GRC Computational aspects – Biomolecular NMR

2017 Phase Transitions in Biology and Disease

2017 Understanding Protein Interactions: from Molecules to Organisms 

2016 GRC IDP (chair)

2015 FEBS3+ meeting

2015 NGP-NET Symposium on non globular proteins

2015 Protein Society meeting

2015 ASBMB meeting, Boston

2015 Japanese Protein Society meeting

2014 IDPbyNMR

2014 IDP GRC

2013 ESF Molecular perspectives on protein-protein interactions

2013 Lorne Protein Conference

2012  22nd IUBMB-37th FEBS, Sevilla

2012 Emerging dynamic view of proteins (Max Planck workshop)

2012 Gordon research conferences, IDP